Meeting Facilitation

We have all been in meetings at some time in which we seem to go round in circles, nothing is achieved and we come away feeling frustrated. Sometimes teams 'get bogged down', sometimes the 'usual way' of conducting meetings inhibits fresh insight and creativity. Occasionally, teams can't see the wood for the trees and, of course, sometimes, some people dominate and decisions made do not have consensus. We all know, also of occasions when we are convinced we haven't been speaking the same language as others so far apart are our perspectives.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps your team could benefit from an external facilitator:

A facilitator enables teams to work more effectively, to collaborate and achieve results through synergy by managing the structure and process of a meeting or team event. A facilitator offers an external objective perspective. By maintaining focus, monitoring progress, providing constructive feedback, encouraging equal participation and creating a productive, collaborative climate, a facilitator can support teams in, for example, strategic decision making, planning and reviewing performance. A facilitator will summarise for understanding, manage conflict and help teams achieve productive outcomes by supporting the identification of clear objectives, keeping sight of those throughout and encouraging the development of clear action plans.

Could your team benefit from external facilitation? Do you have a meeting coming up that you sense might not be as productive as it needs to be? Is it really important that your team is productive and works together really well?

Sally Bernham is a skilled facilitator with a wealth of experience of working with diverse teams. She can help your team to share their knowledge, explore issues, generate ideas, solve problems, resolve conflicts and develop buy-in to outcomes and therefore produce results greater than those that could be achieved individually.

Contact Idyia now to discuss your needs and together design a facilitated event or meeting to get your team super-working together.