Having held senior roles within midlands universities and extensive experience of the HE sector, which has since been augmented by several years experience as consultants in this and other public sector organisations as well as with large organisations and SMEs, Sally and Idyia’s associates can share best practice and offer consultancy advice and support to organisations to enhance organisational, team and organisational performance in areas such as:

  • Developing a coaching culture

  • Setting up a programme of coaching supervision

  • Using coaching for career development

  • Supporting in-house coaches

  • Establishing a mentoring programme

  • Introducing action learning

  • Developing a learning and development strategy linked to organisational objectives

  • Implementing organisational development interventions

  • Developing a learning and development framework

  • Designing a set of leadership and management competencies

  • Developing succession planning strategies

  • Introducing talent management

We always work in partnership with clients to develop meaningful, effective projects so contact Idyia to discuss your needs.