What is Coaching?

Idyia Coaching starts from a positive foundation of identifying and maximising existing strengths and qualities. It helps understand self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and develops greater self-awareness, confidence and self-belief to achieve success.

Coaching is a very simple but incredibly powerful process and often provides really important breakthroughs in development. Clients get an objective external alternative viewpoint, challenging questions, encouragement and motivation and above all, the support of someone committed to their success.

Coaching is always client centred and focuses on what is important for the client (individual or corporate) so each coaching programme is different but previously, clients have worked on:

  • Settling into a new role

  • Developing a new project

  • Rediscovering 'lost' motivation

  • Supporting 'high fliers'

  • Creating greater work life balance

  • Career development

  • Enhancing leadership skills

  • Returning from maternity leave

  • Facing redundancy