The Coaching Process

Coaching can be conducted face to face or by telephone.

Typically sessions last 60-90 minutes and are usually for a minimum of 6 sessions.

Coaching is always completely confidential. Coaching will always start with a complementary 'chemistry' session in which coach and client explore the focus for coaching and whether the coaching partnership will work for both parties.

Depending on the nature of the coaching focus, coaching may include access to a range of assessment tools such as personality profiling, leadership assessment, 360 degree feedback, engagement with work and resilience to stress.

Please look at the Assessment section for further information.

Coaching is an incredibly powerful and effective form of focused development which can achieve remarkable results leading to lasting change.

Coaching is centred around supporting and challenging the client to achieve their goals. It consists of a series of focused conversations to:

  • Develop clear goals by creating a clear vision of success with measurable outcomes 

  • Explore the current situation

  • Identify options for achieving outcomes

  • Develop self awareness and responsibility for action

  • Cultivate a positive, pro-active attitude

  • Enhance self esteem and self belief

  • Recognise and minimise potential barriers to success

  • Support and challenge the client to take action

  • Monitor and review progress

  • Learn from setbacks

  • Celebrate successes

Contact Idyia for a no obligation initial conversation about how coaching can support you to achieve your individual goals or how coaching can support the achievement of team or organisational objectives.