Are You Ready For Coaching?

Complete this simple questionnaire to see if coaching could help you.

Take Stock
Are you in a job you enjoy?
Do you have clear career goals?
Are your earnings on track?
Is your health and fitness generally good?
Do you have successful social relationships?
Is your work life balance sound?
Do you enjoy hobbies and interests?
Do you have happy personal relationships?
Is your living and working space how you want it?
Is your life in tune with your beliefs and values?
Do you manage stress and workloads well?
Are you clear about aspects of your life you want to address?
Take Control
Would you say you have a positive attitude to life?
Do you set goals to achieve what you want to?
Do you plan and use your time productively?
Do you have systems in place to get things done?
Are you confident?
Would you describe yourself as self aware?
Have you worked out what works for you and what doesn't?
Do you have a clear vision of the future?
Do you have a good sense of your strengths and qualities?
Do you actively seek feedback from others?
Are there people you can use as a sounding board for ideas?
Do you believe in your ability to succeed?
Do you regularly review your progress in life?
Take Action
Do you invest in your personal development?
Do you engage in professional development activities?
Do you seek experiences that take you out of your comfort zone?
Do you utilise your networks and sources of support effectively?
Do you view change as exciting?
Do you recognise setbacks as opportunities to learn?
Are you able to work with your strengths and work on your weaknesses?
Are you prepared to put in the work to get what you want in life?
Do you 'bounce back' from disappointments?
Are you determined to succeed?
Do you have role models you can draw on for inspiration?