Career Coaching

The days of a career for life are long gone and the idea of multiple careers and portfolio careers increasingly common. In the fast paced, ever changing world of work, we are wise to take control over our own careers and manage them pro-actively to be successful and agile to secure employability in a competitive, often uncertain and complex  environment. Investing in your career development rather than leaving it to chance is becoming an increasingly sensible strategy and this where career coaching comes in. Often referred to as transition coaching, career coaching typically helps people move from one role to another, encourages clients to take stock of what really fulfills and motivates them in the wider context of their life, not work in isolation, and enables them to find a career in which they can truly flourish .

Feeling ‘stuck’, unfulfilled or potential work changes unsettling you?

Career coaching can:

  • Provide time, space and a structure to explore what you want from your career
  • Build your confidence
  • Give you a new direction and sense of purpose
  • Reconnect you with your passions
  • Offer practical tools and tips to get the job you really want

Sally Bernham knows what it is like to take control of your career direction and draws on a long and varied career and on her experience of redundancy which led to her starting her own business and utilise her skills, experience and passions – from which she has never looked back!

Sally is a qualified Firework Career coach and can help with:

  • Career preference assessment

  • Career development and planning

  • Securing promotion 

  • Developing an effective CV

  • Preparing for job interviews

  • Dealing with redundancy

  • Navigating retirement

Typically, career coaching will involve:

  • Identifying your values and lifestyle choices

  • Recognising strengths and work preferences

  • Unleashing your passions

  • Understanding skills, experience and performance gaps

  • Articulating what you want from your career and how that fits in with your life

  • Exploring career possibilities

  • Recognising and minimising barriers to career progression

  • Exploiting career opportunities​

Using a range of career exploration exercises and assessments, Sally will work with you to achieve your career goals.

You will receive:

  • Individual and focussed support
  • Career preferences assessment
  • A personalised programme of career coaching designed for your needs
  • Encouragement and challenge to stretch your aspirations
  • Access to careers resources and information
  • Your own Firework Career Programme Workbook