Set Facilitation

The role of the set facilitator is critical to the success of the set experience. As an experienced action learning facilitator, Sally Bernham has several years' experience to draw on having facilitated internal sets and been part of a team of facilitators on a series of regional action sets supporting leadership development in midlands universities. She has also been involved in the training and on-going development of action learning set facilitators in the university sector.

Sally brings a sensitivity to group processes and dynamics and emotional intelligence to the role being able to create an environment which is both supportive, safe, yet stretching and offering challenge. Quickly able to generate group trust and confidentiality, Sally is able to model the processes and techniques to ensure all set members participate fully and draw maximum benefit from the process. Sally is a strong advocate of action learning and as such, sees part of her facilitation role, to be 'guardian of the process' while at the same time to empower the set to take responsibility for its own processes and learning.

Set facilitation is a skilled and multi faceted process which Sally is well able to deliver. She enjoys working as a set facilitator and continues to be fascinated by the fact that within the boundaries of the model and structure, no set is ever the same. To work in a set offers set members the opportunity to learn about learning, about group dynamics and processes, about leadership and management challenges and about themselves as a leader and group member.

Sally is available as a set facilitator; and also offers consultancy to organisations wishing to set up their own internal action learning sets as stand-alone development or to support other development programmes; and provides action learning set facilitation training.