Client Feedback

"Specifically, I have valued Sally's ability to create a relaxed environment conducive to sharing and reflection, peppered with the perceptive question which suddenly requires you to dig deeper. I have found that my reflections often continue long beyond the session and that is often when I find new ways forward."

 Coaching Client

"Coaching has been challenging and thought provoking as I expected but at the same time very supportive and I have found this balance extremely constructive. The freedom to explore difficult situations was perhaps something I hadn't anticipated, and whilst uncomfortable initially, was handled very professionally and sensitively and, in hindsight, was not only cathartic but fundamental to moving forwards."                                      

Coaching Client


"My approach to the long term and day to day have changed and become more strategically focused. I am delegating more effectively and finding that I am clear in setting boundaries and recognising when areas of work are out of scope. Lines can be blurry in the areas I work in . I have become much more proactive in defining limits and negotiating more effectively when asked to move beyond them."                                                          

Coaching Client


"I have particularly valued the opportunity to construct my own agenda and discuss candidly with someone from outside the University but who clearly understands the context. Equally importantly, it has been a positive experience to be challenged in a supportive but direct way. It is good sometimes to be put on the spot and required to decode the language we hide behind professionally."                                                                                        

Coaching Client


"This has been a wholly positive process. Sally has provided a safe place to reflect, to be challenged, to test out new ideas and explore thoughts. Through coaching, I have begun to see myself differently, have altered my view of my role and opened my mind to new possibilities for myself and my role."

 Coaching Client


"Coaching is providing a well-informed and structured sounding board . Sally has raised challenging questions which are often ones that exist in my mind but which are easy to bury under the daily 'busy'. It's really pushed me to explore areas of my working life that are often neglected."                  

Coaching Client


"It sounds a bit 'corny' but my outlook on life has changed quite dramatically. I no longer worry about things I have no control over. Talking through some of my emotional issues made me realise those are barriers to my becoming a confident person. Focusing on one issue at a time has helped put things into perspective."                                                                                                                                                                                      

Coaching Client


"Sally is an inspirational leader who is passionate about learning and development and particularly coaching. Her enthusiasm is obvious which encourages you to want to learn and develop more. Totally professional at all times with a clear vision of what needs to be achieved."                                           



"Sally demonstrates high levels of knowledge, professionalism and integrity in client work and is good fun to work with. Her passion for helping people to grow and develop is evident from her love of coaching and the results she is able to achieve."                                                                                   



"I have worked with Sally on a number of projects and other collaborations, ranging from coaching, action learning through to the design and delivery of leadership programmes. She is organised, contemporary and always provides compelling delivery. I would recommend Sally for any HRD activity or intervention."                                                                                                                                        

University Leadership Development Manager


"Sally is a highly professional and adept person who has a wealth of skills and knowledge regarding people development, which she is able to apply and flex in a range of situations. She has a natural and thoughtful coaching style with an excellent ability to listen and ask those pertinent questions. A very calm and thoughtful person – and these qualities permeate across to people around her."                      

University People and Organisational Development Manager