Coaching Skills for Managers - More Than a Workshop

Increasingly, our clients are telling us that one of the biggest challenges for them is how to get the best from their people to achieve their business goals. Research (CIPD, 2009) shows that coaching by line managers is one of the most effective forms of development. However, it is also one of the most difficult roles for managers to perform successfully and the necessary skills come naturally only to a few (Goleman, 2000).

In response to this challenge, we have designed a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop that delivers a toolkit of practical coaching techniques to transform your managers into confident coaching managers. BUT, there is more to developing as a coaching manager than going on a course ….


Reflections on Resilience

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience recently but in several quite different but related ways. I have a particular interest in developing resilience both from a professional and personal perspective.


Reflections on Goal Setting and Visualisation

Having been in the past quite a successful runner with a couple of marathons to my name, I naively thought it would be easy to get back to running again. I did everything right: joined a beginner’s group and started slowly. However, although my running had improved from a zero base, I still can’t run 5k without stopping which I find frustrating. The coach within me knows that there are some self limiting beliefs getting in my way here.